Snoring and sleep apnoea

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Easy-fit devices that are proven to prevent snoring and sleep apnoea

Oscimed has an effective solution adapted to every snorer

For several years now, we have been developing products which help to avoid snoring. We attend conferences of medical sleep experts by means of which we are able to update our knowledge in regard to snoring. Our products are being regularly advanced by taking into consideration science and remarks of our snoring customers!

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Oral devices
The mandibular advancement device draws the lower jaw forward just a few millimetres while you’re asleep to move your tongue forward and open your airway, allowing you to breathe more easily. Effective at more than 80% of the snorers, they are today the basic anti-snoring solution.

Side-sleep helps

It is well-knowned by specialists that the position during our sleep influences the intensity of snoring or apnea rate. That is why 50% of snorers stop snoring when they are sleeping on their side. So side-sleep is one solution for better breathing and better recovering during the night.

Help to nasal breathing

Nasal dilator is spreading nostrils and improving breathing though the nose, which is essential to humidify, warm up and filter the air we breath. Proven effectiveness in case of nasal breathing difficulties and snoring.

Anti-snoring, effective and economical !

Anti-snoring pillow

CLIPAIR, nasal dilator-spreader
Anti-snoring and nasal congestion !



Natural solutions

For moderate snorers, non invasive solution allow to reduce the snoring sound level.

Anti-snoring and sleep apnoea


SR ComfortPro
Anti-snoring backpack


Somnosol reduces the snoring sound level, and gives a fresh breathing !