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Snoring and sleep apnoea

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POSIFORM, anti-snoring Pillow

Why is POSIFORM anti-snoring pillow so efficient ? 

The inclined side-sleep: scientific knowleges applie to your sleep. It is recognised by specialists that the majority of snorers or sleep apnoea patients are sensitive with regard to their seeping position. So side-sleeping is a particularly interesting solution to better breathing and spending restoring nights. The patented design of POSIFORM anti-snoring pillow is going further: your head should be slightly bowed to enable an unblocked position for breathing. Its ergonomic shape ensures a perfect support. The Posiform anti-snoring Pillow encourages sleeping on your side to reduce or even put an end to snoring. 

Current knowledges of sleep medicine are attesting that the position during our sleep influences the intensity of snoring or apnea rate. Indeed, in dorsal position, 


Dorsal position
As a result of their own weight, tongue and lower jaw are withdrawing and so obstructing the airways.



Side sleeping
As a result of their own weight, tongue and lower jaw are relaxing forward and so freeing the airways.


High tech materials for your comfort

POSIFORM is a visco-elastic high quality memory foam, with 3 years warranty.
It is manufactured from natural products.
The natural foam has superior qualities and assures you a perfect supple and tonic morphological support.

It is delivered with a transport bag, an interior 100% cotton cover and an anti-perspiration based on cotton and bamboo fibres.

Our advices for POSIFORM Pillow use

We have taken advantage on our scientific knowledges to create a anti-snoring pillow which ensures a maximum efficiency. In a unique and patented design, our special-shaped anti-snoring pillow will encourage you not to sleep on your back but in a stable lateral  and slightly tilted position, promoting an optimum breathing. To be used also as a complement to other therapies such as mandibular advancement devices.

Learn to side sleep in an inclined position improving your breathing with POSIFORM.

- Make yourself confortable with your head slightly bowed. 
- Bent your forehead on the stiffened rest.




 POSIFORM anti-snoring pillow brochure

Reference : S-PSF

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