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Snoring and sleep apnoea

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Anti-snoring belt, size SML (70-100 cm)

  • Your coach for more peaceful and restful nights !
Principle of operation  

It is well known that sleeping on the back promotes snoring and apnea.
This device is a simple and effective solution.
It consists of a smart electronic learning device and a comfortable chest belt. The device emits a vibration  hat informs the user when they are sleeping on their back. Having been warned in this way, they can then turn onto their side, putting a stop to the vibrations and the snoring. After just a few nights, the side position will be adopted naturally.
The soft, anti-perspirant belt is worn around the chest or waist, either on the skin or over an undergarment. The device has 2 clips allowing it to be fixed into place without a belt, directly over an undergarment.
It is simple to use and the levels of vibration are adjustable.


• Positional snoring, (more pronounced on the back than on the side).
• Positional apnea, doctor’s approval advised.


• Persons with cardiac pacemakers


• A smart box for position processing.

• A belt of adjustable size from 70 cm to 100 cm

• Two adjustable fixing clips.

• Two AAA type batteries.

• Instructions for use.

Link to the anti-snoring belt size XL and XXL 

Reference : S-BLT-SML

Price TTC: 169.00 CHF

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