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DEMICSO, reusable ear cleaner

Reusable ear cleaner that replaces your cotton swabs

Reusable ear cleaner and ecologic that replaces your disposable cotton swabs.


 reusable, ecologic  
 does not push back ear wax  
 2 sizes of soft tips  

Operating principle 

Thanks to its patented design, the ear cleaner removes ear wax without pushing it in. Comfortable and safe, it comes with two sizes of soft washable tips.


Gently insert into the ear by turning it.

Do not push too far into the ear.

After use, rinse with warm water.



Choose the tip size adapted to your ear canal.

For adults and teenagers only.


Content of the package 

One reusable ear cleaner with 2 sizes of soft tips.


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A money back guarantee

We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied. If despite this, the product does not suit you, we offer a refund of the product in case of payment by credit card (paypal), if the product is returned within 30 days after the date of purchase. . 

Reference : DEM0001/02
1 ear cleaner with 2 soft tips

Price TTC: 12.90 CHF

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