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EXPRESS 32, 3 boxes of cleaning tablets

Oral hygiene, a powerful antibacterial for braces and dentures

Braces, dentures and anti-snoring mouthpieces are colonised by many bacteria and viruses. These micro-organisms are responsible for mouth irritations, infections and the bad smell of the appliances.

For daily cleaning, we suggest EXPRESS 32

The active ingredient in EXPRESS 32 (replacement for Professional) is ideal for daily use. It is more effective than the products usually found on the market. That is why we recommend it for cleaning our SOMNOFIT (all models) and SOMNOLIS braces.
Simply soak the device in warm water (approx. 35°) with a tablet for at least 15 minutes. A dental brace can be left in this solution for a whole day without any problem, and it should be rinsed thoroughly under running water before being put back in the mouth.

 Coenye et al J. Applied Microbiol 2008
 L'importance d'une bonne hygiène dentaire

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Reference : 3x S-EXP32
3 boxes of 32 Tabs each

Price TTC: 30.00 CHF

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