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Snoring and sleep apnoea

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CPAP pillow size M

A pillow specially designed for CPAP/PPC mask users.
Avoids mask to pillow contact and noisy leaks.

How it works

The specially shaped pillow has an open area on each side. This area leaves room for the mask. The rest of the face is well supported.

Technology refined to the last detail
This pillow has many tricks up its sleeve to ensure the mask user's comfort at night.



1) Head comfort groove.

2) Mask passage area.

3) Ventilated area.

4, 5, 6) Shoulder passage and neck reinforcement.


Night-time mask use (e.g. CPAP/PPC for sleep apnoea treatment).


Choice of CPAP pillow size

For an average man, the M size is perfectly suitable.
If you are over 1.80 m with a good shoulder width, the L is ideal.
For a shorter person, less than 1.60 m, the S may also fit instead of the M.

It's all about the thickness of the pillow in relation to the shoulder width. Here are the sizes:

CPAP pillow size L:  58x33x15 cm

CPAP pillow size M:  52x31x13 cm

CPAP pillow size S:  52x31x9.5 cm

Spare pillowcases: 

The pillow comes with one original pillowcase.
If you want to order an extra pillowcase, available via this link:

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Reference : S-CPAP-PM
1 CPAP pillow, size L, 52x31x13cm

Price TTC: 99.00 CHF

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