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SOMNOFIT anti-snoring and apnoea device

Forty thousand users have already found snore-free nights and a restful sleep thanks to SOMNOFIT  !


Somnofit is made of two oral mouldings that are fitted to the upper and lower jaw. Simply immerse each moulding, just once, in heated water to soften the thermal moulding material and fit them to your teeth. Simple as that. 

Somnofit is a clinically proven device being efficient in regard to eliminating snoring and apnoea.

It uses the medically recognised principle of mandibular advancement.
Its customisable components permit a long-lasting use while preserving your dentition.Due to its 6 possibilities of adjustments, the device can be adjusted at your desire

The Somnofit anti-snore mouth guard (Ref. S-02):

• An upper moulding with 2 front hooks
A lower moulding with 2 back hooks
A floating thermometer
A ventilated storage box
A set of 6 supple straps
Full instructions

How is SOMNOFIT against snoring and sleep-apnoea fitted and used

It is very simple: Somnofit includes two oral mouldings (upper and lower). The user simply takes a dental impression, just once, by immersing each moulding in the water which is heated, in order to soften the thermal moulding material, to the required temperature as indicated on the included floating thermometer during 3 minutes.The two mouldings are then linked by one supple strap in order to fix the advancement of the lower jaw. The user then has a fully personalised Somnofit that is ready for use. It only remains to place the Somnofit in the mouth every night before going to sleep to ensure a restful night.

Upper and lower moulding before the adaptation :  Ready to use SOMNOFIT:

If you have any question about your mouldings fitting, please contact us, we will be more than happy to help you. Our first aim is your success!

Adjustment of the mandibular advancement
6 straps of different lengths are supplied for an adaptation perfectly fitted to your needs.

SOMNOFIT is recommended for:
• Snoring
Sleep apnoea patients on the move, travelling, camping, boating, holidaying etc who prefer an alternative to their usual CPAP therapy (medical supervision is required)
Mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (medical supervision required)

 SOMNOFIT is not suitable for people who?
• Wear full or partial dentures
• Have mandibular joint pain
• Déchaussement, instabilité de la dentition, mâchoire supérieure ou inférieure comportant moins de 10 dents
• Are under 18 years old


Reference : S-02

Price TTC: 89.00 CHF

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