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Blood pressure monitor

Batteries included

Blood pressure monitor: easy to use, accurate, with big flat screen.
Validated to be used in hospital but now available for you !

This device mesures blood pressure and pulse, two essential health parameters.

Blood pressure monitor from the last generation, modern design and high quality manufacture.
Monitor compliant with the last european medical standards. Large size LCD display, easy to read.
Operates with batteries, which are included.


Clinically tested and approved by the european hypertension society.

Highly accurate blood pressure monitor thanks to the fuzzy inflation and to the oscillometric mesure method.
Information in case of irregular pulse rhythm (arrhythmias).

Blood pressure monitor with reliability indicator, body movement indicator and rightly applied cuff.
2 memories to register the the blood pressure.
Measured blood pressure values are classified against 1999 WHO guideline.


Reference : B-Tens-1031

Price TTC: 89.00 CHF

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