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Snoring and sleep apnoea

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Anti-snoring solutions

Presentation of different known solutions to avoid snoring and apnoea

It is recommended to consult your ENT doctor or a pneumologist who both carry out medical examinations in regard to a suitable therapy; especially when you suffer from sleep apnoea. Apnoea generally leads to higher fatigue in the daytime.

In the following we present the main therapeutic which are currently available on the market.


Method of mandibular advancement to treat snoring and sleep apnoea

Oral moulding such as Somnofit and Somnolis

The mandibular advancement device draws the lower jaw forward just a few millimetres while you’re asleep to move your tongue forward and open your airway, allowing you to breathe more easily.

Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that devices such as Somnofit and Somnolis effectively suppress or considerably reduce snoring and moderate sleep apnoea.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine also recommends this solution in case of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea (below 30 apnoeas per hour).

In case of severe sleep apnoea, the use of a nasal ventilation through a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP) is generally the most efficient solution. However, medical consultation is always advised in case of apnoea.

The oral device moves the lower jaw forward a few millimetres in order to release the back of the tongue and free the way of the inspired 


Mask of continue positive air pressure (CPAP), the first line treatment in  case of severe obstructive sleep apnoea

In order to avoid the obstruction of the respiratory passages, air under pressure is insufflated in a masque applied on the nose. This positive pressure is transmitted through a little compressor which is connected to the mask with a pipe. To be effective, the mask has to be worn permanently the whole night.This is the first line treatment in case of sever sleep apnoea.

Surgery to treat snoring and sleep apnoeaIn some cases, corrections can be made to increase the breath through the nose or to remedy abnormalities of the soft palate or tonsils for instance.