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Snoring and sleep apnoea

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ASR ComfortPro, anti-snoring backpack

To be sure to sleep on your side, improving your breathing and fighting against snoring

ASR ComfortPro is an anti-snoring backpack. Comfortable and strong, it allows an agreable side-sleeping and prevents ending your nights snoring on your back. 
A-S-R ComfortPro anti-snoring is a high-tech backpack with an airballoon (airbag), which you can adjust by inflating more or less.

The inclined side-sleep: scientific knowledges applied to your sleep. 

Specialists knows well that the position during sleep influences the intensity of snoring or the rate of sleep apnoea. So, sleeping on your back is a very interesting solution to breathe better, without snoring, and so resting and recovering during the night. ASR ComfortPro anti-snoring avoid to sleep on the back, in order to disminish snoring and sleep apnoea for the patients who suffer from a positional snoring.

Why ASR ComfortPro anti-snoring is the best of backpack: 

  • The Positional stripes are comfortables and does not glide. A special padding prevents from perspiring.
  • The inflatuation of the air balloon can be adjusted personnally.
  • It remains possible to change the side of sleep without remaining on the back, and so snoring.   
  • The stripes can be adapted till a belly measurement of 1.40 m long.


Reference : S-ASR

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