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OSCIMED 2000 cast/plaster cutter saw

OSCIMED 2000 is a high technology cast cutter saw. 

-This plaster saw is driven by a quiet brushless motor of 100 W. 
-Ergonomic, modern shape, 
-small (200 mm length) and light weight of 760 gr. for single handed use.
-Instant blade lock nut.
-Anti-noise blades.
-Low noise level at 62-64 dBA. 

This cast cutter saw is particularly appreciated 
by the plaster rooms for children and for the hand surgery.

An optional extraction vacuum cleaner
can be fitted on the OSCIMED 2000 cast saw.

The instant blade lock nut without any tool and the adjustable guide and cutting depth gauge.   

A wide range of saw blades is available for all kind of casts.

•Stainless steel blades for plaster of Paris. 
• Hardened stainless steel blades for synthetic casts (fiber glass)
• Hardened stainless steel blades for synthetic casts with very hard titan coating (Tin)
• "non-stick" blades with PTFE coating

To know more about the saw blades

OSCIMED 2000 is delivred in a carrying case.  

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Reference : OSC 20101

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