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Oscimed Ergo II Cast/Plaster cutter saw

Ergonomic, Compact, Lightweight and Easy to Use Cast Cutter Saw

OSCIMED ERGO II is a compact, lightweight plaster saw ergonomically shaped to enable precision work without any effort, even with only one hand. OSCIMED ERGO II is robustly built and equipped with a cooling fan for intensive use without overheating.
The device is powered by a safe low voltage of 24 volts and complies with the latest medical standards.

The instant blade lock nut without any tool system is handy and avoid hurting oneself. 

A wide range of saw blades is available for all kind of casts:

• Stainless steel blades for plaster of Paris.
• Hardened stainless steel blades for synthetic casts (fiber glass) 
• Hardened stainless steel blades for synthetic casts with very hard titan coating (Tin). 
• "non-stick" blades with PTFE coating.

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4 levels of filtration, adjustable power and automatic start 

Vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction power, mounted
on four wheels. Its robust construction and power offer support for the saw.
The HEPA-compliant fi lters provide a standard filtration of 99.97 % of particles of 0.3 microns. A power outlet allows the connection of the saw. The vacuum cleaner starts automatically upon activation of the saw and stops a few seconds after the saw stops.

• Power : Adjustable from 300 to 1000 Watts
• Noise level : 60-70 dB
• Suction : 1800 mm water column, 40 litres / sec.
• Length of suction hose : 2.5 meters.
• Capacity of stainless steel tank : 20 litres.
• Weight : 12 kg.

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Reference : OSC 340

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