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Efficiency of our oral devices against snoring and sleep apnoea
Clinical studies, statistiques on efficiency, quality of products

Numerous clinical studies have shown the efficiency of mandibular advancement devices such as SOMNOFIT und SOMNOLIS, which reduce snoring and sleep apnoea. More and more physicians in Europe prescribe our products to their patients

In general, mandibular advancement devices are efficient against snoring in more than 90% of the cases. The average diminution rate in regard to apnoea is approx. 60% but it depends on the individual case and, therefore, an individual control is required.

Our products are made of biocompatible materials and they are tested on cytotoxity according to ISO standard 10993. Our company is certified in the quality ISO 13485.

Please find a resume of the clinical study made by a sleep specialist and dentist in Lisbon-Portugal, Dr Miguel Meira Cruz:

«In a preliminary study, odonthostomatology office based-treatment with SOMNOFIT device was highly effective on sleep apneas and sleep consolidation. In this study, snoring was abolished or became inaudible, there was a significant improvement on the respiratory events (reduced apnea hypopnea index) and sleep became more stable with less arousals.  Regarding to excessive somnolence, patients treated with SOMNOFIT showed a significant improvement of vigilance state after treatment» (Meira e Cruz M, et al. In Press).



We would like to present you some of the testimonies we have received from patients and physicians. Please do not hesitate to share your experiences, it will help us to improve our products.

Dear Mr Jacques Magnin,

Please accept my apologies for for such a late reply to your offer. I have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in China and following a terrible time was air-lifted back to my home city in Australia.
I have broken vertebrae in my back being replaced and will be here at least another month.

I have just received this laptop computer and retrieved your email address saved to disc.

I will return to Indonesia as soon as I can because of my own patients waiting there and will continue with this proposal.

One thing I should really like to report: the Somnofit has been a total success for me. I took it traveling with me and have used it every chance I could and ...better sleep with no or very little snoring. This news is fantastic to me as the product is excellent.

Once again, sorry and I hope to be in contact again soon,


Michael B.  -


I had received as test 3 SOMNOFITS  with which a real success has been obtained. May I order again 3 specimens ?
Thanks to confirm the reception of my order.
Best regards.

Dr Philippe R.
FMH pneumologist

Dear Sir, I have just bought your Somnolis devise and really help me stop snoring. Now that I prove the effective I would like to buy Somnofit, but also I interested in distribute here in Mexico. Please send me the info I should need to first step to be a distributor and the prices (buying and selling).



Jorge G. 



With the hereby e-mail I confirm my complete satisfaction after six months of daily use of the MAD "SOMNOFIT »
Having been diagnosed by the « clinique de Genolier” as being "severely apneic” (effectiveness of the sleep limited to 85 %), snorer and suffering from theeth grinding, my wife has noticed – since I wear SomnoFit (December 2005) – a significant improvement : she doen’t hear me snoring anymore, otherwise in short phases, what she is disposed to confirm..
My theeth grinding has totally stopped, although the device is subjected to mechanical pressures such as the wearing away of the plastic is already visible after six monthes of use with four rubber bands. I notice a nightly hypersalivation since I am wearing this MAD, doubtless reactive to the locking of the teeth grinding. Considering the psychological origin of theeth grinding (currently proposed by the research), it would be logical that a progressive alteration on this plane is led by the wear of the MAD.
My apnoeas have doubtless improved in consequence of the better respiratory ventilation brought by the device, which is ascertained by the near-disappearance of snoring. I notice that the duration of sleep I need has decreased and that I can stand up (at 7.30 am) much more easily, which testifies a better quality of my sleep.
I don’t wear SOMNOFIT during my nap, during which there is only a simple drowsiness.
I hope that this personal testimony will be useful to other people whose I am entirely at the disposal for any further informations, to the address mentioned below.

Denis Bloud (born 6th august 1941)
1213 Petit-Lancy