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A discreet, comfortable and reusable nasal dilator, ClipAir improves breathing, prevents snoring and dry throat

Operating principle

Clipair is a nasal dilator that opens up the nostrils and improves breathing. It's easy to insert into the nose and stays perfectly in place, even during sleep or sport.

It is made from an elastic biomedical material for optimum, comfortable and discreet support.

The importance of breathing through the nose

Breathing through the nose is essential for humidifying, warming and filtering the air we breathe.


The effectiveness of the nasal dilator has been proven by clinical sleep studies to have the following effects:

  • Reduce respiratory effort (*)
  • Reduce heart rate in people suffering from apnoea (*)
  • Restore a feeling of restful sleep in users (*) and (**)
  • Reduce snoring in over 50% of users (**)
  • Reduces throat dryness (**)

(*) For reference, the study by P. Kerr et. al. Journal of Otolaryngology 21:3, 1992.
(**) For reference, the Jan Ulfberg study, 1997

In sports, the nasal dilator has been clinically proven (J. Griffin, Laryngospcope, 1997) for :

  • Reduce heart rate.
  • Reduce the perception of effort.
  • Reduce the ventilation required for exercise.


  • Snoring.
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Narrow nose or nasal valve.
  • In combination with a CPAP mask, to improve the passage of pressurised air.
  • Sport.


  • Scars or irritation in the nose.

Package contents

Clipair is available in several versions, sold as a pack or as a single size:

  • The 1 SET pack of 3 sizes includes 1 small clip (S), 1 medium clip (M) and 1 large clip (L).
  • The 1 SET pack of 3 SPORT sizes consists of 1 small clip (S), 1 medium clip (M) and 1 large clip (L) in the orange SPORT version.