ASR COMFORTPRO, anti-snoring backpack

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Make sure you sleep on your side, improve breathing and combat snoring

  • Perfect fit on the body
  • Adjustable dorsal hump inflation

ASR ComfortPro is a comfortable, durable anti-snoring backpack that lets you sleep comfortably on your side while preventing you from ending your night snoring on your back. The A-S-R ComfortPro anti-snoring backpack consists of a high-tech backpack with an air balloon (airbag). The anti-snore balloon is adjustable.

Lateral sleep: scientific knowledge applied to your sleep

Specialists recognise that sleep position influences the intensity of snoring or the rate of apnoea. Sleeping on your side is therefore a particularly good way of breathing more easily without snoring and recovering during the night. A-S-R ComfortPro anti-snoring avoids sleeping in the dorsal position to reduce snoring and apnoea in patients with positional snoring.

ASR ComfortPro anti-snoring "plus" features

  • The position bands are comfortable and won't slip. Special padding prevents sweating.
  • The air balloon (airbag) can be individually inflated.
  • It is still possible to change sides while sleeping, without lying on your back and snoring.
  • The straps fit up to a belly circumference of 1.40 m
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