POSIFORM, Anti-snoring pillow

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Why is POSIFORM so effective?

Thanks to the inclined side sleep

Specialists recognise that sleep position influences the intensity of snoring or the rate of sleep apnoea. So sleeping on your side is a particularly good way of breathing more easily and recovering during the night. The POSIFORM anti-snoring concept goes even further: it tilts the head very slightly to free up the airways as much as possible.
Its effectiveness has been CLINICALLY proven on RONFLEURS AND POSITIONAL APNEICS.

Sleep on your back

Under their own weight, the tongue and lower jaw recede. The airways are obstructed.

Tilted side sleep

Under their own weight, the tongue and lower jaw move forward. The airways are cleared.

Top-of-the-range materials for comfort

POSIFORM is a visco-elastic memory foam pillow with a 3-year guarantee.

It is made from natural products.

Natural foam has superior qualities, giving you perfect body support, great flexibility and incomparable tone.

It comes in a carry bag with a 100% cotton inner cover and a cotton and bamboo fibre anti-perspiration cover.

Our advice on using the POSIFORM anti-snoring pillow

We've used our scientific knowledge to create a pillow that's as effective as possible. With its unique design, our specially-shaped pillow encourages you not to sleep on your back, but in a stable, slightly reclined side position for optimum breathing.

Learn how to sleep in the side-lying, breathing position with POSIFORM.

  • Position your head comfortably and at a slight angle.
  • Press your forehead against the support.
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